Where to buy a comfortable affordable baby carrier

Where to buy a comfortable, affordable baby carrier

There is nothing like having your baby close to you. Using a baby carrier is then very pleasant. But then you want a baby carrier that meets ergonomic requirements, is comfortable to wear and is also affordable.

Dooky introduces a new comfortable and affordable baby carrier.

Dooky, the Universal Cover for the Maxi-Cosi

Exactly that is Dooky, but Dooky is much more. In addition to the Dooky Universal Cover, they have sunglasses for children and now a comfortable and affordable baby carrier!

Dooky introduces the comfortable, affordable baby carrier

This week at the nine months fair, I was able to admire the affordable Dooky baby carrier and I thought it looked great, with sturdy straps and a good firm back section for your child. This Dooky baby carrier is not only comfortable for you and your baby but also meets all ergonomic requirements. And that is so nice!

Keep your baby close to you

Nothing is better than keeping your baby close to you. And that is exactly the advantage of a baby carrier, carrying your child close to you but also having your hands free and thus being mobile. A baby carrier is perfect for the necessary body contact with your baby.

Parenting and crying baby

Parenting can be tough, especially when you have a child who cries a lot or who needs a lot of physical contact. Then a baby carrier is ideal. But also when it is inconvenient to carry a stroller or you just like to have your child close to you.

Ergonomic and trendy

In addition to an affordable baby carrier that is easy to fasten, what you carry your child in should also be trendy and, most importantly, ergonomic. This one from Dooky certainly is. In the baby carrier your child sits with his or her knees higher than his or her bottom (the ergonomic M-position).

The seat and leg rests are adjustable and the baby carrier has good ventilation.

The shoulder straps and waist belt

Are both adjustable, with padded shoulder straps. Because it is adjustable you can spread the weight of your child over the whole body. This makes carrying a lot more comfortable. The Dooky baby carrier can be used in 3 ways.

In the first months you carry the baby facing the parent. When the time comes that your child wants to see more of the environment, you can carry the baby upside down. From 6 months onwards it is also possible to carry your child on your back.

No matter which position you choose, there is always enough support for your child’s back and head thanks to the sturdy material and the adjustable head support.

Carrying from 0-3 years

This affordable baby carrier by Dooky can be used from birth until your child is three years old and comes in Blue Sapphire, Emerald Green and Silver/Beige. The baby carrier comes with removable and washable wipes. You fold this baby carrier very quickly into a mini pack.

The recommended retail price is 79.95 euros.

A baby carrier or sling

However you choose to carry, it is important to do what feels right for you. Some prefer a baby carrier and others a sling. For a sling it is often wise to ask for a carrying consultation in a store.

It is also a good idea to request a consultation for a carrier bag. No person is the same and whether a baby carrier or cloth fits you well is very different. You can also buy these Dooky baby carriers online.

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