Advantages of a wireless charger

Advantages of a wireless charger

Do you already have one wireless charger at home? It’s ideal because you get rid of many different cables in one fell swoop. Because do you also have a dresser full of cables at home?

Let this be your solution.

Wireless Charging

Chargers. One from your phone, one from your husband’s phone and the kids have one too these days. A cable for your fitbit or smartwatch, a tablet, laptop and whatnot. They are in the drawer, on the cabinet, the countertop. I find chargers everywhere.

Fortunately, there is now a very easy solution to this. Namely a wireless charger

Working from home as a blogger

Since I quit my practice as a weight consultant, I’ve been blogging full time. When the boys are at school, I do my things in the household and then get to work on the laptop. This is of course ideal. I have the house to myself and can work just fine this way.

I don’t need much as a blogger. Still, there are three things I couldn’t live without. That’s my laptop, my iPhone and my notebook.

Laptop and iPhone

I am overjoyed with my Apple MacBook Air. It took a while to convince me, but now I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love working with the MacBook. And don’t understand why I waited so long to buy one.

With the MacBook came an iPhone. I love the way my iPhone and laptop communicate with each other. I take a lot of pictures with my phone, both privately and for my blog, and because they are directly on my computer, I can use them in articles or for Social Media. Last but not least I always carry a notebook with me.

Too often I have ideas while walking outside or lying in bed, these days I jot them down in my notebook right away.

Wireless charging

Because I use my phone so much, it needs to be charged often too. Makes sense because I always want to be reachable. When you want to get the most out of your iPhone, wireless charging with a wireless charger is ideal.

I searched on wireless charging iPhone and came across several models. Wireless charging eliminates the need for cords at all during the charging process. This makes smartphone charging a lot easier ánd more fun.

And besides, you can just take the Apple wireless charger anywhere you go.

Wireless Charger

The latest iPhones, such as the iPhone 8 and iPhone x, come with the built-in wireless charging feature as standard. The older and other iPhone models do not have this and so then the Qi station with a power cord and charger is not enough. In these cases, you can charge the iPhone wirelessly in combination with a qi receiver that is laid on the Qi station.

Then the power from the case will still go to the station and there will be a connection. There is a large Wireless Charger choice.

Wireless charging benefits

  • Wireless charging is incredibly fast.
  • The charger has a long service life.

I find the wireless charger ideal. Because I have an iPhone 7, I use the qi receiver. I plug this in and put it with my phone against the charger. The charger is in a fixed place on the cabinet and this looks a lot better than all those loose cords that were there before.

I find it ideal that when I put my phone on the charger and I get a call or want to check something, I don’t have to take the cable out first, but can pick up my phone right away. Because I use the qi receiver, I don’t notice that wireless charging is faster than with a cable, which will probably be the case with the newer models of phones. My husband sees absolutely no added value in wireless charging.

Especially since we now use a qi receiver with it, he still doesn’t find it wireless. And there he has a point.

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