Practical yet fun maternity gifts Full time

Practical yet fun maternity gifts

We know the cute and cozy maternity gifts by now, right? Are you also looking for a fun but practical maternity gift?? Good, then you're in the right place! I have 10 Practical Yet Fun Maternity Gifts for You!

1. Hompers

Believe Me, As a Parent You Can Never Have Enough Rompers. Every Parent Knows The Days When You Have To Change As Many As Three Rompers In One Day. And running out of clean onesies is not an option, or course. Good, now you might think it's a little too silly to give a plain white romper? No Problem: get the romper printed! This is a Super Practical and Fun Gift: You Happy, New Parents Happy!

2. Hydrophilic Cloths XL

Hydrophilic Towels Parents Will Surely Already Have At Home, Because You Just Can't Do Without These Towels. But An XL Hydrophilic Cloth is Totally iDeal, in So Many Ways. In The Crib, After Showering, While Feeding, In The Stroller and I Could Go On And On and On.

3. Bath Seat

Probably the parents are not yet ready to start shopping for when the baby is one year old. But Your Gift is Exactly That. Yes, they have to keep it for a while, but believe me: they will do it for sure. That is, if they have a bath, otherwise this gift is or little use to us. A Bath Seat is iDeal for when the child can sit. Your child can take a bath and you have your hands free to wash your baby.

4. A Storage Box for Baby Teeth

Another Sweet and Small Gift to Give: A Storage Box for the Milk Teeth of the Little One. You have very nice boxes with a separate cutout for each tooth. So you know exactly which teeth have already changed and which are still to change. That is, if the Toddler Doesn'tn't Accidentally Swallow One by then.

5. Personalized Baby Chair

A Personalized Baby Chair is also a very special gift to give. Nice because the name, or the birth card of the child is on it, and practical because the chair will actual be used a lot.

6. Pacifier

A Pram Tensioner is an iDeal Toy for the baby career or the maxi-cosi. The little one will have a great time with the cuddly toys swinging above him or her. By the way, this is often an item parents buy themselves, so check beforehand. It would be a shame if they can't use it because they have already picked one out for themselves.

7. Loopy Left

The loopy links are plastic circles with a small opening, which you can link all the way together. This is how you get a long string of circles. That may sound silly, but it certainly isn't. You can namely attach the loopy links on the inside of the car, in the box, in the crib and you name it. Hang a mirror or a cute crackling cloth on one of the circles and baby will not be bored for a second!

8. baby gym

A slightly larger gift, but very nice! Similar to the stroller seat and the loopy links, but for on the floor. The little one will have enormous fun with all the fun toys hanging in the baby gym.

9. pacifier

Most Parents Don't Buy A Wrap When Their Baby Is Born, But Chances Are they Will Want to use It Later on. A wrap is a cloth where the baby is wrapped while sleeping. The Little Arms are also in the Cloth, which is a tremendously soothing feeling with babies ’ s. Many babies ’ accidentally hit Themselves, or scratch Their skin open without noticing when they are in bed. This Cloth Brings Peace.

10. Bandana Bibs

Yes, this gift sounds crazy, but it is not! It is just a hip replacement for the bibs, which are or so boring. A Scarf Looks Much Nicer And Serves As A Bib. So ’ S Bandana Looks Super Cool And Often They Come In Fun Patterns.

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