Making a light box for children

DIY light box for kids

I remember very well when I was little and my father made a light box for my mother. It was used a lot and I suddenly thought that this is also a very good idea for my toddler. Making a light box is a lot of fun and actually not difficult at all.

I let you see how I did it and what you can do with it next.

DIY light box for kids

A light box, what is that? In fact, the word itself says it all. A light box is a box with a lamp in it that you can use for various purposes. Later on I will give you some tips for using the light box.

You can buy them as is, made of wood with a lamp in it and a plexiglass plate on it. Such a container costs capital and it is just as fun and simple to make it yourself.

What do you need?

  • A plastic storage box with a smooth bottom or smooth lid.
  • aluminium foil
  • (Christmas) lighting on batteries
  • duct tape
  • pair of scissors

How do you proceed

You see, you don't need that much to make a light box. You probably already have most things at home.

I only had plastic boxes with a smooth bottom so I chose to use ddoos upside down. I lined the inside of the box with aluminum foil. Make sure you have the shiny side facing in. This way it reflects the light well. I also lined the underside of the lid with aluminum foil.

I taped the edges with duct tape. This way it stays in place when you use the light box.

DIY; light box for kids

Since I will be using the box upside down I taped the Christmas lights batteries to the lid with duct tape. This way the lights stay in place once I turn the box over. If you now turn on the lights and close your lid, your light box is ready.

A child can do the laundry.

DIY; light box for kids

What can you do with a light box?

You may already have figured it out yourself, but the main thing you use the light box for is to trace. I started with the little guy with a dinosaur coloring page. I put this on the light box, over it a white paper and sir could trace the dino.

Besides the fact that this is great fun, it is also very good for fine motor skills and practicing the pen grip.

DIY; light box for kids

Of course you don't just have to trace drawings or pictures. There are plenty of activities you can do with the light box. For example, we collected a number of leaves that we first took a good look at on the light box.

The light allowed you to see the veins very well and we were able to see what that vein does for a leaf. Then the little man traced the leaves again.

I also wrote a few letters of the alphabet. Practicing letters is very interesting for a toddler and by pulling it like that you can practice well.

We also cut some shapes from a purple piece of paper. We also put this on the light box and so the toddler drew the shapes.

DIY; make a light box for children

So there are many things you can do with a light box. Good time and also super educational.

Are you also going to make a light box for your child (ren)? Do you still have good ideas to use it?


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