How to live life to the fullest but think about later

How to be full of life, but thinking about later

You are young and think you can handle the world. Life consists of traveling, studying, working, going out and you do exactly what you feel like doing. Actually thinking only about the fun things in life, but knowing in the back of your mind that this is not everything.

Thinking about the future

But when do you think about the future? To that it can go wrong? I’ve always been aware of life and death, but really thinking about it, I didn’t.

This only started when I was hotel de botel in love, knew we would be together forever and bought a house together. Then I was caught off guard as the word death insurance came along. Insurance that you don’t want to think about first, but is very important, even for the future.

Fun in life

I think I really did enjoy it as a young girl, not that I don’t now, but with a family, life and the future becomes different anyway. I am much more uncertain and concerned about the future. Even though as a young lady I always saw bears on the road, I always made what I could out of life. For me, the ultimate enjoyment was when I took long trips.

The first time when I was twenty-four and went backpacking in Australia for a year, the second time when I was twenty-seven and spending six months traveling across America with my sister. Then ten years later I did this trip again with my family seven months later. These have been the moments when I realized that life is what you make of it yourself.

Working in healthcare

Still, my work in healthcare did alert me to this at a young age. A birth and death were close together in the hospital. Yet death was something that came with care and in my own life I didn’t deal with it much.

That may be why I had such a carefree time.

To Mexico

My sister was better and perhaps smarter about it. When she was about twenty-three she went on vacation to Mexico alone. She did go with a traveling party, but without knowing anyone here from here. Before leaving she made a list and told us where it was.

In this she had put exactly what had to happen if she died. What clothes she wanted to wear or what music to play at the cremation. Perhaps thought quite far, but on the other hand, she also realized that life can be strange and you don’t know everything in advance.


I don’t know if you watch the program Break free. This is a wonderful TV program on BNNVARA. The program is a tribute to young lost world travelers. I personally love this program.

Even though you know at the beginning of the program that it will not end well with the traveler. Every episode actually ends with, ’live your life now, because it could be over soon.’And this is something I am always aware of

Thinking about later

The first time I really had to think about life itself and ‘what if’, was when we signed a cohabitation contract. In the beginning of being with your partner, you think you can take on the whole world together and nothing will ever happen. Yet the cohabitation contract was the first moment I thought about life insurance. We bought a house together and since we were not married yet we decided to opt for a cohabitation contract.

In hindsight perhaps not necessary, as we decided to get married six months later, but well we didn’t know that at the time. While talking about this contract we were asked;’ what if it goes wrong? Between you or one of you dying.’ Then we were forced to think about it.

Take out insurance

When we went to take out the mortgage we were immediately made aware of life insurance. At that moment you are full of life. But what if something goes wrong? If something happens to you or your loved one?

You want the other to have financial security.

A life insurance policy?

But what is life insurance?? Term life insurance (ORV) pays a lump sum to your dependents if you die during the agreed term. With that amount of money, dependents can make up for the loss of your income. They can use that amount to pay the mortgage or rent on the house, for example.

From just a few euros a month, you can protect your loved ones from the financial consequences of your death.

Maybe not nice to think about, but wise to talk about together!

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