Everything you want to know about PVC flooring

Everything you need to know about PVC flooring

Are you planning to move soon or find that the floor in your home is in need of replacement? Many people choose PVC floors nowadays, because you have a lot of choice in colors and design. But there are many other advantages.

The advantages of PVC flooring

So PVC floors come in many colors and designs. But the wood look, soundproofing effect and super strong quality are also decisive for many people. If you are still unsure, reading these helpful tips will help you make an informed decision. Wondering what characterizes PVC flooring and what the main advantages are?

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What is the difference between laminate and PVC?

To properly understand the difference between laminate and PVC, it is important to understand what the product consists of. Laminate consists of pressed wood fibers and is basically a wood product. PVC on the other hand consists of plastic, polyvinyl chloride to be precise. Laminate and PVC floors are completely different floors with totally different properties. Laminate is suitable for floor heating, but wood is not the best conductor of heat.

PVC is an even better heat conductor. This makes it even more suitable for floor heating. Even without underfloor heating, a PVC floor feels warm to the touch.

Another aspect to consider is scratchiness. Laminate has an anti-scratch coating so it is not prone to scratching. Most PVC floors have a wear layer of 0.55 mm.

That does make it a little more susceptible to scratching.

Some of the benefits of PVC in a nutshell

1. Ultra-strong
PVC is a very strong material. In short: it is very hard wearing and the top layer is rock hard. So it’s safe to say that PVC flooring can take a beating.

This is why PVC floors are often installed in high-traffic areas, such as restaurants and daycare centers.

2. Maintenance-free
A second advantage of PVC is that it is maintenance-free. A PVC floor is very easy to maintain. You basically don’t have to do anything special except mop it with clean water. That goes without saying. Spill your coffee, wine or other beverage?

No issue. This is because these do not soak into the floor so you can easily remove them with a cleaning product from the supermarket.

3. Natural look
A third advantage of PVC is that it is indistinguishable from the real thing due to its natural appearance. PVC owes this to the decofilm. This is the visible wood structure of the PVC floor. The deco film of PVC is of much higher resolution than that of laminate, for example.

This creates a razor-sharp representation of the natural look.

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