The most beautiful jewelry to give or ask

Valentine’s Day! The most beautiful jewelry to give or ask

February 14th, Valentine’s Day, The Day of Love. The one thinks it is nonsense and the other thinks it’s a wonderful day! And although you don’t love this day at all, love is also a bit of yourself and why wouldn’t you give yourself something as a gift.

Because why wait for someone to give you a nice piece of jewelry?

What is Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day when loved ones give each other extra attention with presents, flowers, or cards. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14. Of course it has been scoured very much by the stores.

Just like we nowadays have all the other shop days like Cyber Mondag and Black Friday, but okay, I still remember that I used to be a little extra nervous on this day. There will be a card at the post?

Say it with jewelry

Valentine’s Day is not only a sweet card (anonymous), but nowadays giving a gift is also part of it. And being allowed to receive a gift is always fun. You are always in the right place with jewelry. Because let’s be, which woman doesn’t like this now.

At Lucardi they made it easy. They have already prepared special gift sets. This is looking very easily and despite the fact that there is so much choice, it is very clear.

Take care of yourself

We women are allowed to spoil ourselves or not sometimes. I love Siereden. For me, jewelry, just like makeup, are just that little bit extra. That is why it was a wonderful challenge to be able to take a look at the Lucardi site extensively. I chose a number of gift sets, which – for me – really jumped out on the site.

They are in different price ranges and therefore also ideal to give as a gift to someone else or to pamper yourself.

The bracelets

I think this set of bracelets is wonderful. This nice set consists of two roseplated bracelets that are both made of the material steel. This set is supplied in a gift box. The set consists of a slave bracelet and a switch bracelet. They are not too wide, so they are very beautiful and feminine.

I recently wore these bracelets during a party and how beautiful it was at my party clothes. It was super chic. These two bracelets together cost € 39.99

Chain and earrings

Very beautiful and subtle is this set of more stories, this beautiful set V is made of the material silver and is set with a layer of roseplated. The set consists of a chain and ear buttons. The jewelry of More Stories are a real trend.

It is a nice minimalist collection where you can choose from silver with a layer of rhodium, rosé, black or gold clating. Stylish, subtle and super trendy! This set costs € 24.99


This nice set from Montini consists of 2 chains, 1 choker and 2 pairs of earrings, the set is packed in a nice box. I personally like the set with the hearts and I recently wore with my parents’ 50 -year wedding party. I also think the choker is crazy.

I like this so much and tough. Super with a cool nail shirt. This set costs € 9.99

Beautiful set of different earrings and chains

Give him a hint subtly

Take a look at the Lucardi site and see what they all have to offer. Especially the gift sets I find very useful because you can immediately find a very nice set together in a beautiful and easy way. And no loved one to whom you can tell these hints. Treat yourself!

For the price how you don’t let it.

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