8 tips to celebrate Carnival at home with children

8 tips for celebrating Carnival at home with kids

Next weekend is Carnival. And even though we can’t celebrate it extensively this year. Surely we can make a little fuss at home with the kids this weekend and have a little party.

With these tips to carnival at home to celebrate it should succeed.

Make their own party

For almost a year parties have been canceled, outings cancelled, concerts rescheduled for the fourth time and events moved to 2022. So is Carnival. This year no hopping crowds, no floats and dressed up parents and children.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate Carnival at home with our kids.

Tips for celebrating Carnival at home

Children, like us, have to miss and give up so much already this year. So much has not gone on and so much may not go on either. After all, no one knows how long this will take. So let’s give them their own party this weekend.

Just at home, with mom and dad. With these tips, you can just celebrate Carnival at home:

  1. Dress up all of you, because of course you all participate.
  2. Bake cookies, waffles or cupcakes and decorate them with confetti (smarties)!)
  3. Make decorations for at home, no carnival, well in your living room you can!
  4. Decorate the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk, so the neighbors can also enjoy a little of the fun at home. And maybe the neighbor kids will want to sign along. Send them an invitation in advance and get to work together!
  5. Make a mask. Super easy with cardboard and stickers and just what you have in your craft drawer at home.
  6. Meanwhile, put on some nice carnival music! And polonaise!
  7. Make your own float. Grab a big box and start decorating, gluing and don’t forget to find a theme.
  8. Take it easy with food, put down some chips and lemonade and ’s in the evening you can eat easy, just like usual with Carnival. How about fries with a croquette?

Make your own mask for carnivalmake your own mask Make your own decorations make a garland for the window

Let’s have a party together

It’s hard enough. We have to miss so much, but of course we can turn this to our advantage and make our own memories. Because by celebrating carnival at home this weekend you will change the negative into something positive.

And then hopefully next year just standing outside in the cold looking at all those beautiful floats!

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