Lazing around in a hammock. And certainly not only in summer

Lazy in a hammock. And certainly not only in summer

Nice and lazy You can sleep again! Can you imagine it! You in a hammock, sun, good book and a cocktail within reach.

That sunshine I can’t guarantee for now but I can work on the rest pretty well. Because being lazy is allowed again, at least it is for me! Win a hammock.

Relax and be lazy

Enjoy a relaxing moment in your own hammock. Because a hammock is not just for the summer, or in the garden. Why hang it in the living room, bedroom or attic??

Sun, sea and beach

A hammock makes you think of sun, sea, beach and palm trees. But nothing could be further from the truth. Because why wait for the summer.

In the Netherlands you just have to wait and see when the sun comes and so you have to spoil yourself. Find the relaxing atmosphere and go be lazy. In a Luilak hammock is fine. Inside the house, in the living room, bedroom or attic.imagine yourself on a tropical island.

Because nothing beats being relaxed in a hammock. And really just want to relax, then just make sure there is a door hanger with Don’t disturb hangs. Because being lazy is allowed!

Many colors and sizes

Luilak hammocks are very cheerful in color, so it brightens up your home and garden in the summer.In addition to hammocks, they also sell hanging chairs in many colors and sizes. They sell an attachment set called MAKKIE, so it should be easy to attach this hammock where you want it. Also on the site you will find a super cool box to help you do nothing!

This Do Not Disturb box helps you keep people at bay when you want to have a lovely lazy moment! What exactly is in the box that I keep as a surprise for the winner of this package.But I can tell you that it is a lot of fun.

Win, what can I give away

In cooperation with Luilak, I may give away a summer hammock. Together with a hammock attachment set MAKKIE (the name says it all) and a do not disturb box.

Do you want to win this package? Leave a comment below this article why you want to win this hammock, fixing set and box!

The competition runs until Friday 24th February 20.00.

The hammock was won by Yvonne. Congratulations!

Didn’t win anything, don’t worry, take a look at the site of Luilak and check out all the other items such as a hammock chair or bathrobe that are available in many colors.

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