How a Smart Thermostat Pays For Itself

How a Smart Thermostat Pays For Itself

Do you already have a smart thermostat in your home? Or Do You Still Have An Old-Fashioned Clock Thermostat Hanging In The Living Room?
Such An Old Round Thermostat That Allows The Temperature to Be Set Manually. NOWADAYS THERE ARE Much Smarter Thermostats. You can read Exactly How That Works Here.

An Old-Fashioned Thermostat is Obsolete These Days

They Still Land in Many Homes, But they are QUITE DATED, Almost Antique in FACT. I Am Talking About The Honeywell Clock Thermostat. The Old Round Thermostat had A Brown Shell with which the Temperature was set manuely.

I remember when only one setting was Possible, so you were forced to turn down the temperature at night.

NOWADAYS THERE ARE Much Smarter Thermostats. Which is nice, because the disadvantage of those old thermostats was that when you got up in the morning the temperature was too low and the house had to be warmed up again. With this thermostat it was advised to keep the temperature at a minimum of 16 degrees Celsius, otherwise it took a lot of time to get the house back to 21 degrees Celsius.

A period when heating was not really handled efficiently. Fortunately that is different nowadays!

Take advantage of a smart thermostat

A lot has changed in the field of electronics. Also in the field of thermostats. This is called a smart thermostat these days. ideal because the control panel can be controlled from the laptop or smartphone, is programmable and even self-learning.

This means that based on the heating history, the heating system adjusts the temperature itself. Handy, right?


When no one is home, the temperature is turned down a notch. This is also called geofencing. The GPS in your smartphone tells you where you are. A smart thermostat checks this and then adjusts the temperature accordingly. Additional benefit of the smart thermostat is that it allows you to set a program for the entire week.

And why not choose multiple thermostats in the home, this allows individual rooms in the home to be set and programmed into so-called zones.

A smart investment

A well-programmed smart thermostat pays for itself through energy savings. Saving energy by lowering the temperature when you don’t need it. The advantage is that when you come home you find a heated house which contributes to better living comfort.

Because the system shows a comprehensive history, you get a good understanding of consumption.

Most central heating systems can be connected to a smart thermostat. The installation may need a module to enable modulation. The cost excluding installation is about €230 for a thermostat with the necessary functionalities.

There are cheaper thermostats, but logically they are also a lot less advanced.

Totally contemporary

A smart thermostat is all the rage. Because don’t many more devices work in the house these days vis your smartphone. It’s not only easy, it’s also better for the environment.

An investment now, but it will definitely pay off.

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