Jewelry from stainless steel for people with allergies

Jewelry made of stainless steel, for people with allergies

Jewelry made of stainless steel OR stainless steel. Stainless steel jewelry has a high resistance to rust, corrosion and is a material that is virtually maintenance free. Especially people with allergies can often enjoy wearing stainless steel jewelry without experiencing problems from allergies.


Through the Facebook page Samen Onlne Ondernemen I got to know many webshops recently. I myself have no idea what an online store entails although I can make a small idea of it here. Every week I put one of these entrepreneurs on my blog in the spotlight because I like it myself, but also because I want to introduce you to small entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs who work very hard to sell the most beautiful and fun products. Easy too, because I delve into so many webshops that people can come to me with questions about products these days :). Stainless Steel Jewelry offered a discount for lodiblogt readers, how nice is that.

Jewelry from Pandora

In the webshop of stainless steel jewelry you will find affordable jewelry both stainless steel and non-stainless steel, this is well indicated. Stainless steel includes pendants, watches and piercings. Bracelets, rings and earrings. Especially in watches there is a great choice.

You always get a battery extra with your order. The ladies watches are elegant. There are currently no men’s watches online.

There is also a lot of choice in bracelets, this pink leather bracelet is my favorite.


The days when I had piercings are behind me, but there was not as much choice as there is now. At RVS sieraden there is a lot of choice especially in navel piercings, tongue piercing and helix and traags piercings (I had to look this up but that appears to be in the ear, I have had it myself, but never knew that this was the name). The navel piercing come in all colors, sizes, with pendant or without can be ordered.

And all in very nice affordable prices.

navel piercing from stainless steel

Store at a discount

Enthusiastic about stainless steel jewelry? With the discount code Lodi5 get 5% discount on your purchase. So if you see something nice, use this discount code.

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