The Zaanse Schoen- special beer for the Sinterklaas entry

The Zaanse Schoen- special beer for the arrival of Sinterklaas

The arrival of the Sint is in Zaandijk this year and this was a reason for Brewery Hoop in Zaandam to brew a special beer for this very special day. ‘The Zaanse Schoen’. And you can taste this special beer too.

On the occasion of the national Saint parade in Zaandijk.

The arrival of Sinterklaas is this year in the municipality of Zaanstad. On November 17, Sinterklaas will arrive in Zaandijk, then go on horseback to the Zaanse Schans. Reason for Brewery Hope to brew a special beer for Sint: ‘De Zaanse Schoen’.

St. Nicholas and his St. Peter’s land with the steamboat almost literally in the front yard of brewery Hope. Maybe they will come and taste a glass of ‘Zaanse Schoen’ after the parade.

New specialty beer with a hint of chocolate

‘The Zaanse Schoen’ by Hoop Bier is based on the Chocolate Porter beer. It is a proven recipe, winner of several awards last year, including that of ‘Best Beer of North Holland’ in the light beer category.

The launch of this Zaan gift of ‘liquid chocolate’ takes place on Saturday, November 17. Everyone over the age of 18 is invited to visit the brewery and taste this special beer – at an introductory price.

Chocolate, St. Nicholas and the Zaan region

It’s no coincidence that the Zaan brewery Hope comes up with this Chocolate Porter. Nowhere is so much cocoa processed as in the Zaan region. The air is often sultry with it!

So the combination Sinterklaas – Chocolate – Zaanstreek is a simple abc’tje.

The Chocolate Porter is a dark beer, but at 6% certainly not too heavy. The pleasant combination of sweet and bitter works very well, especially with many winter dishes or desserts. The beer is available at a number of larger retailers as well as various liquor stores, especially around the Zaan region itself.

Of course the beer is on tap at their tasting room at the brewery. Hope beer produces more special beers for special occasions.


Water, malt(Maris Otter Pale Ale, Brown, Black and Crystal), hops(Willamette and Marynka), spices(roasted cocoa nibs), yeast(Lallemand London Esb).

Taste description:

This Porter has a light-roasty flavor with a chocolate and mocha character coming from hand-roasted cocoa nibs and English malts.

Delicious with stew, spicy cheese and… chocolate!

What did we think of ‘The Zaanse Schoen’?

I was allowed to receive a bottle ‘De Zaanse Schoen’ of Brewery Hope beer and together with the husband I tasted it. I love special beer and was very curious about the chocolate and mocha character of the beer. Dark beer I personally like very much, unlike the husband, I also like to drink Guinness.

So I was curious what the man would think of ‘The Zaanse Schoen’ when I poured it and it turned out to be dark beer. The beer was very tasty, the taste of chocolate and mocha you really taste in it. But it does not prevail. The beer tastes ‘ dark’ and has a fine aftertaste.

I was very enthusiastic and would have liked another one in a minute. For the man, one glass was enough.. If you like dark beer, this is highly recommended!

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