Sleep well, wake up rested

Well said, we should get enough sleep, but how many hours of sleep do we really need?? Let’s start with the smallest. A baby needs on average 16 hours of sleep a day. A small child needs about 12 hours.

Young people need 9 to 10 hours of sleep. Adults should get 7 to 8 hours of sleep on average and older people often get 7 hours or less. Whether you sleep well depends on many things.

Think about alcohol use, stress, or physical discomfort.

Tastes differ

I don’t know how you experience this, but when I sleep in a hotel, the pillows always irritate me. These are almost always incredibly soft. While that -for me- is not comfortable at all.

My neck hurts and I lie in bed twisting and turning. Of course it’s the same with pillows as with comforters. Some like a thick pillow, hard, thin or soft.

And some like to snuggle up under a comforter while others prefer a thin sheet over them and prefer the windows open.

An anti-allergy pillow

Our oldest occasionally suffers from red thick eyes. I do not know where that came from, we are looking into it. Sometimes I feel it might be from his pillow.

He also needed a new pillow. Recently he got a new room and with it a new bed. I ordered anti-allergy pillow at comforter shop.

There is a lot of choice in pillows, think about material, size, firmness and even what type of sleeper you are. If you are a belly sleeper, it is better to buy another pillow than if you are a back sleeper.

How do I like this pillow

Both boys got a new room and a new bed, mattress, comforter and now for the oldest a pillow. He could not wait for the pillow to be delivered to his home. Asked me regularly if he would then no longer have red eyes and could not wait ( and that does not happen often) the day the pillow arrived to go to bed. The son says that the pillow is very comfortable, it is a nice soft pillow because of the soft cover.But the pillow also feels firm.

He reacts especially well to the anti-allergy part of the pillow. Hasn’t had red thick eyes for days, so I hope this is the solution.

Specifications of the pillow

The Dynmaic Pillow Pocket springing is a point pillow with a special pocket spring filling, so it always gives optimal support to the head and neck. In addition, the pocket spring filling ensures that this pillow will hold its shape even if you lie on it. The cover is 100% micropercal which makes it nice and soft to lie on. The pillow is anti-allergic. The dimensions of the pillow are 60 x 70 centimeters.

The outer cover, with luxurious blue piping, is removable and erasable. This pillow costs €24.95

Sleep well with these tips

Biggest annoyance when sleeping

Besides a good pillow, the right comforter is also very important. You have so many different choices in comforters. It is therefore very person-dependent what you like and here you should definitely think carefully before you buy one. We have a four season comforter. I find this ideal.

I should sleep well and I usually do. Yet I ’ve still got an annoyance at night. Something I can get incredibly worked up about at night and so don’t sleep well.

That annoyance is a fitted sheet or flannel that does not fit properly. We have a thick mattress topped with a topper. That sleeps super nice, but the flannel does not fit well around it.

If I pull it around the point of the mattress on one side, it comes loose again on the other side. Making up is a disaster. but it happens so regularly that the flannel ’s loose at night and I suddenly feel it slide under my legs.

Sleep well

Time for a well-fitting flannel cover. At comforter store I found a Motlon fitted sheet of the brand Damai. A flannel that is specially made to measure and will therefore always fit. Our bed is 200×220. I buy sheets of 180/200×200/220, then they let go.

As excited as my son is about his pillow, I put the flannel around my bed and it fit perfectly. I even have room left over. Making the bed is a breeze and finally I can sleep well without having to get out of bed at night to pull my sheets back into place. This flannel of 200×220 costs € 56,95

flannel and under sheet

Sleeping enough hours is not only healthy, if you have good stuff you wake up really rested and ready to go again! I am converted and must say that I really sleep better now that I no longer suffer from ‘my annoyance’. So think about what you need to sleep well and make sure you have a good mattress, pillow, sheets and comforters.

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