Group 7 Go visit high school open days

Group 7? Go visit the open days of high schools

Is your child in group 7? So go ahead and visit the open days of high schools this year. The following year, when the choice has to be made, you will be much better prepared and know what to look for.

First impressions

The first impression of a high school is quite exciting. So exciting, in fact, that I can still remember myself how I felt the first time I walked into my new school. Our oldest is going to high school this year and since the schools around here were new to us, we went to open days at four high schools last year.

In group 7 they already get a preliminary school recommendation. That is good because then you know which schools and open days you can go to. Should your child have some difficulty with homework at this age.

Homework help can then be a good idea.

Visit high schools yourself

Before you even visit a high school, you must have heard a lot about it. Heard from other parents. You noticed very clearly that these parents are super enthusiastic about the school their own child attends and find the other schools clearly less so. It is therefore good not only to rely on their stories, but also to visit the schools yourself.

Now I know that not all schools are keen on grade 7 children. The open days at secondary schools are super crowded and then there are not only group 8 students, but also group 7 students walking around. But I do recommend planning this visit in advance.

After all, it's about your child's future.

What kind of education are you looking for

High schools can sometimes drop you off immediately, which is nice too. Maybe because of the distance. Elementary schools are often closer and high schools often require longer bike rides.

But you don't want to have to cycle a long way to get there. Or by the form of teaching. We heard about the so-called GO education and our sons did not like that.

At GO, students choose their own learning goals, how to learn and who to work with. Every student has a personal coach. With this coach the student has a weekly conversation. Own responsibility is a trait that is trained; the teacher has a coaching role here.

My children indicated right away that they would prefer to have more guidance and be taught in class. Fine of course, they have that choice.

Visit high schools more often

Pay attention when you visit high school, what time the open day starts. Are they open around dinner time, try to go here at that time. It will certainly be quieter than before and after dinner time.

In grade 8 children are given the VO guide to take home. With this guide and the site that goes with it, you'll have everything you need to know when choosing high schools. The next few weeks here are the open days again. After last year's visit, there are now two more schools to visit.

Having been there last year, we now know exactly what we want to look for and look at. After this the son has to make a choice. Exciting!

If you have children in grade 7 then I would definitely take the time to visit the open days at high schools.

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