Sleep better with the right fitted sheets

Sleep better with the right fitted sheets

Do you want to sleep better? Then take a look that makes you sleep badly, it might be the sheets that are not good? Or the fitted sheets that are too small, which makes it come loose.

They are small and easy solutions but can help you.

A double bed

I was twenty -nine, when I went to live on myself in Amsterdam. I had left the house before, but after having been away from Amsterdam for years, I was finally back. There were already beds in the houses before, or I could only lose a single bed.

But now that I had my own place, I immediately decided to opt for a whole new interior. Including a double bed. This house in Amsterdam was so nice that I thought I would continue to live here forever. However, I had not taken into account that prince on the white horse who unexpectedly came by.

And after he took me to his house (also in Amsterdam) I found it not at all difficult to give up my house and live with him. My things, including the fine double bed that I had bought, went into storage and only came out again when we bought our first real house together.

Single family house

We had so much space in this single -family home that we could easily get rid of our double household effects. The man’s things were all of better quality, so they came prominently in the living room and bedroom. My couch, chairs, dining table and bed, were given a place in the attic or in the guest room. When the children came, things eventually left.

With the bulky waste or nieces who went to live in rooms. Except that bed. That ended up in our bedroom.

Buy a new bed

But take a bed apart three times and put them back together, that’s not very good for a bed. So on a Saturday we decided to buy a new bed. Well one is his death, the other his bread and so we came to a beds case that had gone bankrupt.

Here we bought a beautiful box spring bed for a great price. ‘ Add a topper to it ’, said the seller. ‘ A top mattress is easy to turn, so you have to turn the normal mattress less often. A topper also increases the lifespan of a normal mattress ’. ‘ excellent &#8217 ;; we said and went home very happy

Fitted sheets, sheets and more

Because the bed was a lot cheaper than we had thought, we didn’t hardly do it over a good comforter, comforter covers, molton and fitted sheet. We were super satisfied, just one thing, I had never taken that into account and that was that because of the thick box spring mattress and the topper, the fitted sheets did not fit well. When making the bed I already noticed what a disaster it was.

If I stopped one side, the other side shot loose again. And ’ at night the fitted sheet regularly curled up, so that I was half on the fitted sheet and half on the mattress.

Remove frustration

So I can’t stand this, this frustrates me terribly and keep me awake at night. Especially when my molton was still too small and I had two sheets under me that curled up. I had found a solution for the molton. But to put my bedding away now while it was still good, I didn’t want to do that.

I only put my fitted sheets around the topper, but the corners of the topper still curled up and making the bed was a strubbeling.

Fitted sheet

When I was approached by Fitted Lachtshop and had the opportunity to look at new fitted sheets. On the site you will find so much choice and I saw here for the first time that you have special bedding for boxspring mattresses. It is very easy to make choices, in terms of color, fabric and length/width, so that you always come to the page you want.

I decided to go for a fitted sheet that is especially for a box spring (and therefore has an extra long side) and a topper fitted sheet. I am very satisfied with both fitted sheets. Both the box spring and the topper fitted sheet fit perfectly around the mattresses and the preparation is super easy. They are made of cotton and breathing well.

What a difference with my old fitted sheet.

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