The 13 Most Family-Friendly Festivals in Europe

The 13 Most Family-Friendly Festivals in Europe!

Festivals. It’s Part of Summer, Right? Sun, Music, Fun! With Friends, Your Partner, But also with Children Can Go to A Festival. With Children? Yeah Heary Fun, Isn It It It. And of course, this Doesn’t Have To Happen Only in the Netherlands.

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All over Europe there are family friendly festivals. HomeTOGO HAS Listed the Thirteen Most Family-Friendly Festivals in Europe. And there are a few gems among them, mind you.

Festivals, why not with children

Wonderful, Dancing, Singing Along with Artists, Sun On Your Head, In Your Shorts. When I Was Younger I Went to Festivals Sometimes. But to be Honest I Never Thought About Going With My Children. Why Not? ESpeciate now that I’ve Seen This List of Festivals. HomeTOGO HAS MAPPED A Nice Number of Family Friendly Festivals in Europe. Festivals that are free, but also those you pay for. Festivals of One or More Days.


Suppose You Are On Vacation Abroad And There Is A Festival Nearby, Then of Course You Can Always Take A Look. But of course also for the festival die-hards who go to all the festivals. HomeTOGO HAS not only compiled a list Where the Thirteen Family Friendliest Festivals are listed. They also put this one on a map. This shows you with a click on the map of Europe where you should be for a festival. Here you can find all the prices, where the free shows are and, not unimportantly, who is performance.

Family Friendly Festivals

What festivals are happening this summer in the Netherlands and Europe:


HomeTOGO Compiled This List of Festivals. But what is homeetogo? HomeTOGO is the larst vacation home search engine for vacation rentals and vacation accommodations worldwide. With Them, You Can Search The Websites Of All Big And Small, Local Worshipers at The Click Of A Button. Ideal! So if you’d like to go to a festival, but you’re not into campsite. Check the site for accommodation.

And Besids The Best Festivals with Kids, They have also listed the best festivals Without Kids. So be sure to take a look.

Are you planning to visit a festival this year??

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8 Thoughts On “The 13 Most Family-Friendly Festivals in Europe!”

No, absolutely not. I don’t like the crowds. But My Middle Son Loves It. And here in the Achterhoek I Might have to go to the black cross ….

Crowds bother me too. Nice that your son loves it so much, of course it’s super for the young ones too!

Apparently Dranouter in Belgium is also a very fun festival to do with kids ….

Super! I think the boys are a bit young now, but it seems like a lot of fun to do with the boys later on.

Nice tips. I do visit the czech republic from time to time so will definitely check out if colors io ostrava is something. I Love Festivals!

What fun! Am Very Curious.

How nice that there is also a festival for children. I’m never into that, but it sounds cozy. Thanks For Listing Everything Here.

Funny! I also REAXLY NEVER Paid Attention, That I Could also Go to a Festival with the Boys.

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