Book Tip Lynn Berger the second – about being and getting a second child

Book Tip: Lynn Berger, the second – About being and getting a second child

If you are pregnant, everything is new and exciting. With the second you think you know it all, but it is also true? Journalist Lynn Berger wrote a book about this; ’ The second- being and getting a second child.

The second

The first time when your mother is everything is so new, so scary, so different. You learn every day. But then you are pregnant with the second and you think you know it all. But how is it when a second comes?

There is jealousy between the children? Do you have less time for two children? Journalist Lynn Berger figured this out and wrote a book about this.

A search when you are a mother

The second is a fascinating search through psychology, sociology and history to better understand the second child and the second time. Based on journalism research, experiences as a mother and as the eldest sister, Lynn Berger has written an indispensable book for everyone who receives a second, is a second one or has one knows.

Pregnancy and birth of the second

The book starts with the moment that Lynn finds out that she is pregnant with the second – a boy – and wondering what it will mean for their son that he will be born in a family that already existed, that already a modus operandi had found and therefore could not simply be or want to fold around him? When her leave had already started, the questions began to come, but also the assumptions. The automatic assumption, for example, that a child is better off with brother or sister than without.

But also that, with the arrival of the second, you would not only give something, but would also decrease her. And the assumption that the second one, who would never know the exclusivity at all, of which we started to rob the first one immediately, lagged 1-0 in advance.

The second, the consolation prize, the Net-not winner.

To answer those questions about the second, Lynn delved into the work of psychologists, biologists, neuroscientists and demographers. In the book Lynn finds out, among other things, that:

  • We are afraid of jealousy between children, but that is not so bad in practice.
  • We think you have less time for two children than for one, but you only have less Quality Time have.
  • Women start earning less if they have two children and the lucky peak is less than for the first.
  • We think that your personality depends on your position in the family, but that in practice is not the case (the first is not independent, and the second not spoiled).

The book was published yesterday (February 19), but I have already been able to read the manuscript of the book and I like to share my review with you today. We also have two children and I am also ‘ the second ’. I have an older sister.

And have it ‘ the two of them are ’ Always experienced as very pleasant, but I know no better than our family consisted of four.

Well written

I think the book is beautiful and well written. It reads smoothly and was recognizable in many points. The book is varied scientific and the experiences of Lynn herself, with her two children. This makes the book interesting, we read what Sigmund Freud has to say about the second child, but you also read how Lynn approached the meeting between her oldest daughter and just born son.

This alternation of references to other scientists or experts and the story of Lynn himself will continue the entire book. It is nice to read how Lynn experienced this science himself.

The relationship between sisters

She also writes about her relationship with her sister, how she experienced their sisterhood. Her sister has a daughter and actually doesn’t know if there will also be a second one. This seems tiring to her, yet the alternative of ‘ then we will soon have a only child.”Not her either. It is a book about what is now typical of the second and comparing children.

But also what parents do differently the second time.

Now on sale

You, are you, or would you like a second child, then this book is highly recommended. Not only full of scientific facts, but certainly also many recognizable anecdotes and things that Tjij thinks; That’s how I did it.

The Second – About being and getting a second child of Lynn Berger appeared on February 19 with the correspondent. Read more? See Decorator.NL/Detweede

And so the question remains: when we give our first children a brother or sister – what exactly do we give them? What do we actually know about the bond between brothers and sisters, about what our children have together?

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