Pinterest- for more traffic to your blog

Pinterest- for more traffic to your blog

Pinterest is a search engine, I hear that more and more. Pinterest is not fleeting, but your posts stay in the spotlight for years to come. But pinning takes time, a lot of time, but you can get (paid) help with that through Tailwind.

Now how to get more visitors to your Pinterest boards?

Pinterest is one big pinboard

Pinterest you can use to save ideas on. You can create boards here and pin as much as you like on them. Actually it’s like a really big pinboard, where you can keep everything.

Now I only save my own pins and few pins from others. Finally, I want people to come to my blog site. So besides being active on Pinterest, I also regularly optimize my blog site.

A business account on Pinterest

If you are going to start using Pinterest and have a blog among other things, it would be wise to create a business account. With a business account you can see statistics on Pinterest. You see how many people see your pins, save them but also how many people go to your site by clicking on the pin.

A group on Facebook for help

On Facebook there is a private Facebook page, where a group is active with Pinterest. There is a lot of information here about Pinterest, boards and pins. Tailwind also comes up often here. Here you can schedule pins, schedule in groups and much more.

You can use Tailwind for free for a while, but after that you will have to pay for it. Personally I find this more than worth it because planning pins saves me an awful lot of time.

The Blogger by Nature Event

At the Bloggers by Nature event I attended a presentation by Jody Hoogedoorn of Pinacademie.en. This was very interesting and showed me new insights again. You could then sign up for Pinacadmie’s 100 Pin tips and these have been really valuable to me. Tips like, don’t make secret boards and create group boards.

Or place seasonal plates at the top.

Getting started with the tips

Following these tips, I immediately got inspired again and started adjusting my texts, optimized boards and pin much more targeted. In June I was still at 8000 visitors but had 16000 in the last month and in the meantime I am going to the 100 K. Of course, this is still nothing compared to others and I’m not getting everyone to my blog yet either. But the first improvements are there and I am far from finished applying all the tips on Pinterest, so I can improve a lot more.

One of my most popular pins

Using Pinterest

A good tip is to use the famous 80%-20% ratio on Pinterest. So 20% pins from yourself and 80% repins.

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