Letting go help it has really begun- with tips

Let go, help it has really started – with tips

Of course, parenting is letting go and I too have been working on that for ages. Now that both boys are in high school, I feel that the real letting go has begun. I see them grow and develop every day.

A beautiful and valuable, but also difficult time, for mothers then.

You see it coming

The picture above already shows it. The boys can take care of themselves. We don’t have to watch them every moment anymore. They watch themselves, where they walk, which way they go.

They are getting so big the letting go has really started now.

The real letting go has begun

It’s funny how parenting works, at first the kids need you so much, but that gets less and less. And even though letting go actually happens at a very young age, I notice now that both boys are going to high school that the real letting go has started. At elementary school I still knew where they were and what they were doing, now that is completely over.

They go to school by bike, have different class times, make friends I don’t know. They just grow up and go their own way more and more

A worried mother

And fortunately so, I have always been quite an anxious mother. But I also see how they grow and develop, which makes letting go a lot easier for me. Where I really kept the boys with me when they were small, because I saw a lot of danger then. I notice that I grow in my role as a mother, just like the boys do.

The freedoms they need more of now also teach me very well to let go of them. And give them the upbringing I wish them so much.


Because now that they are in puberty (the oldest) and are about to be (the youngest) it is beautiful to see how they grow. How they develop, but also how I as a parent develop myself. Because in recent years I too have become much freer in my activities, but also in raising and caring for my children.

What is letting go is definitely not just letting go of children.

Learning to let go

Learning to let go is something for every phase of your life. Did you know that besides many books, there are also courses ‘learning to let go’ given? So much plays the real letting go and then certainly not only of your children.

There is so much to let go of. Also with me! Besides really letting go of the boys, I have learned to let go anyway.

And then especially from what others think. I no longer care what others say. I feel I have more freedom and joy in life. And this I also give to the children.

They see a more positive mother who handles the situation a lot easier than before. And there I have my piece of letting go too.

Books about letting go can be found here.

Tips for learning to let go

I am still learning, after all parenting and letting go is something that goes on and on. But if you also want to learn to let go of your children, here are a few tips:

  • The older your son or daughter gets, the more they go their own way. You will also notice that you do not always have to understand them, let them discover the world for themselves
  • You can’t stop all disaster for your child, they also learn from the mistakes they make.
  • Know also that at a certain moment you do not know everything better and accept this. Talk to your son and daughter without letting them listen alone.
  • Let your child live his or her own future dream.

Little children grow up

It is beautiful to see how children grow. How they go from their first steps to now taking their first steps into adolescence. I grant them this development and although I sometimes want to jump in, I also let them go. They have to discover the world for themselves and learn what can and cannot be done.

Although letting go is the case early on in children, I now feel like the real letting go has begun!

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