Printable Ditch Bingo Fulltime

Printable Ditch Bingo

After the success of the Auto Bingo and the Forest Bingo, a sequel was inevitable. The Forest Bingo goes out several times a week. Our little man continues to love it.

Since we also have many ditches and toad pools here, the idea soon arose to make a Ditch Bingo. This one was also thoroughly tested and approved by our toddler.

Ditch Bingo, the test


The sun hasn't shown itself for a few days but that shouldn't spoil the fun. Even with a raincoat and boots on we go into the forest. This time armed with the Ditch Bingo and another crayon. Mommy carried the Bingo, daddy brought a bucket and little man took care of the landing net.

There is no must to do the Ditch Bingo, but makes it extra fun. The first water we came across was a direct hit. The first frogs were spotted and we even caught a leech.

I deliberately did not put this last one on the bingo because I don’t think it is such a fresh and fruity animal. Although of course it is cool to look at. We did just that. Then we also immediately saw lots of Water striders and damselflies. The toddler also wanted to catch these but mom didn’t think that was such a good idea.

Of course, they did get crossed off on the Ditches Bingo. We were really very lucky because we even found some “newts-to-be”. Totally fun.

Also these are not on the bingo because of course you cannot find them everywhere. Of course it must remain fun. In short, our toddler had a great time looking for everything from the bingo and ticking it off.

We also found extra animals so for us the Ditch Bingo test was a success.

ditch bingo

Printable Ditch Bingo

Would you like to play the Ditch Bingo? Download it here. Print out the PDF and get to work.

To use it more often it is handy when you laminate the Ditch Bingo or keep it in a plastic sleeve.

I am curious about your experiences!

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