Crazy adventures on Curacao

It will take you ten hours of flying with a hyperactive toddler on your lap but then you will be sitting with your feet in the Caribbean sand. Over a week ago we flew with the four of us to Curacao and we will enjoy the island for the next week and each other. Hence it is quiet for a while on Fulltime Mama.en but I’m sure you can forgive me for that when you read this (somewhat crazy) update.

Flying with a toddler

Last fall we thought it would be fun to visit my sister who is an intern here. A very cool idea until I discovered that our hyperactive toddler with no seat meat would then have to sit on our lap for ten hours. Of course we’ve flown before and taken the kids on long journeys but this lady is not like her brother.

So I got a little nervous about it. Flying with a toddler like ours didn’t really seem like the best idea in the Netherlands, As I mentioned we had a lot of travel, we had once had a trip roller Scooters across the country, but it was never that.

Fully prepared and in good spirits we started our flight. We were looking forward to it and the children were happy, this should work out fine! After letting the little lady and gentleman run around the airport we strapped the pair into the Dreamliner.

The toddler was fine with it all again, having fun with the entertainment program. The busy toddler found it a bit more difficult. Sitting still is overrated so she climbed all (read; 10 hours long) on top of us, ran down the aisle, poked around everywhere and ate half the stock of cookies.

But…they were sweet and happy and tired we arrived on Curacao.

Adventures with the rental car

On social media you may have already seen what we’ve been up to so far. Some activities, however, took some doing. This is how we rented a rental car after a few days.

So we could explore the island and were free to go wherever we wanted. Soon we set off for the ostrich farm.

After this educational and fun outing I thought it would be fun to drive into the nature reserve. The map showed a vantage point that could be reached by car. No sooner said than done. After a wild ride on dirt roads, which you would normally do with a 4×4, we did NOT arrive at a viewpoint. Uhm yes.. The viewpoint turned out to be quite a feat to reach with a small car.

When we tried to get back on the paved road, our car got stuck on a hill. Suddenly it dawned on me why the lady from the rental company had indicated that this was NOT a 4×4 and so you could not drive everywhere. Right. After some wobbling and gassing we got the car back in reverse and drove all the way back again.

All’s well that ends well.

To the sharks

You understand that this wasn’t our only adventure this first week. Because last week we made a trip to the Curacao Sea Aquarium. We weren’t even 3 minutes in or we had it done again.

A staff member beckoned us because he was just about to feed the big nurse sharks outside. Nice, we wanted to be there. The kids got to feed these sharks squid and herring.

The husband lifted up the little lady, who had woken up bloodied the same day, that way madam can get a good look at the sharks too. The toddler threw his first fish and the sharks were feasting deliciously. Until, in the corner of my eye, I saw something shimmering pass by and heard the husband call out startled. Yes, sir managed to drop his very expensive sunglasses in the water. Sigh..

After some slurping and splashing in the water, it was nowhere to be found.

New week, new opportunities

After all these adventures, let’s take some time to have a drink on the beach. We still have a week to go on Dushi Curacao so don’t forget to check out Fulltime to follow on Instagram and / or Facebook, where I post daily photos’s. So you can stay up to date with all our adventures and don’t miss us for too long.


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