Learning to watch the clock in an easy and fun way

Learning to watch the clock in a fun and easy way

Learn to watch the clock in a fun and easy way. Does your child have trouble watching the clock? Of course they learn this at school, but sometimes it’s nice to give your child a little help with learning.

And then this clock is very easy to make.

Teaching time

Of course you have books to teach clock watching. These often do not go beyond 12 hours. Because children at school must also learn to count through to 24 hours, I was looking for an example to make something to help children.


And luckily, there’s Pinterest. I saw a lot of examples of learning to watch the clock, as well as Pins about time, clocks, watches and so much more. Now I saw an idea that was so useful that I decided to copy it.

On Pinterest they did this with paper plates, now I don’t have these, so I made this simple but effective clock out of paper.

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Learning to watch the clock

So as you can see this clock watching clock is super simple to make. I just need to find a cotter pin to fix the hands, but so that they rotate. Make, practice and learn to watch the clock together with your child.

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